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How to Evaluate Your Website Hosting Needs


So, you have a website that you want to publish for all to see. What website hosting option is best for you? How do you decide?

Instead of being overwhelmed by all the features that a hosting company offers, simply evaluate the purpose of your website, your budget, how much traffic you anticipate, how much space you may need, and what kind of technical and/or customer service support you may need. Maybe it’s a personal website where you want to showcase your current craft projects or a website for a small business or large enterprise. The best website host company understands that there’s no such thing as a typical website customer, and will provide features that will meet the customer’s needs.

Types of Website Hosting

There are several types of website hosting options. Depending on your specific purpose, you should choose the type, not only for your current needs but also for where you want to grow.

If you are a small business with goals to grow into an enterprise leader, full-featured hosting like a dedicated server or colocation option may be the best fit for you. These options will feature resources such as extra security for e-commerce sites, or increased bandwidth for your website’s traffic.

Shared or clustered hosting on the other hand can be an economical method to pay for hosting, as it spreads the cost of maintenance of a server among multiple customers. This option will offer a lot of flexibility in terms of data storage and allows the host company to pool resources that can benefit all its customers.

Free hosting may seem like a great option, but it will have less flexibility, limited space, and is usually supported by ads. Even on a personal website, you may want to reconsider what ads you are inadvertently supporting.

Some Other Considerations

Now that you’ve narrowed your service needs, look for a website hosting company that can support you best in some priority areas.

Good Technical and Customer support. You’ve heard the adage, “You get what you pay for.” Well, unfortunately that seems to come across most during times of crisis. Research potential host company’s chat forums, contact policies, reviews, and see how the company responds to its customer’s feedback.

Website building and Program Services You can create web pages with HTML and CSS, but the option to create more dynamic and interactive web pages using PHP, SSI, and ASP would be useful, especially if expanding your website is part of your business plan.

Other bonuses.Extras such as domain name registration, email options, analytics, site indexing are often included in packages, but shouldn’t be the main reasons for choosing your host company.

With a focus on what you need for your website, finding a website hosting company can be simple and rewarding.

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