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Selling in the Digital Age – Cloud Technology for Digital Storage Solutions

storeage solutionsWith the coming of the digital age we have seen a shift in personal computing choices that has brought emphasis on the importance of maintaining solid storage solutions for data that is no longer kept on the laptop or pc of the original creator.

Times Change

It used to be that when you produced a document on your pc you would open a word processor program locally stored in your computer’s hard drive, create your document, presentation or spreadsheet hit save and it would be saved, also on your computer’s hard drive.  Now with Cloud computing technology it is feasible to have everything you do web based and accessible from any location that you can access the Internet.  Working from this perspective, the whole world is easily able to run on-the-go.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud

When considering switching from computer based storage to online digital storage solution, it is vital that you ensure your storage location is secure, trustworthy and has back-up in the event of a catastrophic loss.  Backing up to an external or internal hard drive, thumb drive, or other hard copy storage that you have access to and control of is still and always a good idea but with many of the Cloud type application and sites, you can feel confident that they do their utmost to protect your data.  It is after all their business and livelihood at stake.  With the digital age moving us in the direction of cloud technology, it is a wise choice to get on the proverbial bandwagon.

Benefits to Digital Storage and the Cloud

The benefits are hard to overlook. Access to your data and documents anywhere you are that you have access to the Internet.  That means that even if you only have your phone with you, you can still have instant access to what you need.  Instant and widespread sharing without emailing, downloading, worrying about software compatibility or what type of computer the people you share with have is another great plus and in increases productivity by allowing discussion and collaboration out of the office if need be,  Or how about the idea of less paper clutter and filing problems?  You can digitize all your documents, upload them to your storage and enjoy a desk that is paper free.  Nobody will ever look at the mess on your desk and call you unorganized again.

What Choices

The choices for online and digital data storage solutions are seemingly endless with more added nearly every day.  The tried and true are a good place to start but there are plenty of other options that will meet your price range and storage needs.  Keeping up with the digital age can actually put your company ahead.  Digital storage solutions are abundant and with proper security, good support and easy access and sharing ability of all your data, who knows what is in store for the future.

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