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Colocation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The internet is attracting many businesses, big and small into investing into online marketing strategies in order to exploit the immense potential of the internet. It is an undeniable fact that they are money in the internet and we are seeing these businesses starting to tap its resources for the first time.

Big corporations can easily make the transition into the internet because they have the funds to seamlessly do the shift,
but most small businesses do not have the money to have their own servers to power their own websites. This seemingly problem faced by small businesses are addressed with collocation.

What is colocation?

 Colocation is basically sharing one location with another. Colocation works by placing your server in someone else’s rack and share bandwidths. This is a cost effective way of setting up your own hosting which is perfect for small businesses that are starting on their online marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of colocation?

First, colocated servers normally cost less than paying for your own bandwidth. Colocated servers can share the bandwidth with a colocation provider and share the cost of using bandwidth.

Second, because you own the hardware and you are generally sharing only electric power and bandwidth, you can have a free hand on your server and can upgrade it every time you want.

Third, one can have the assistance of colocation providers to maintain and run your server if you don’t have the time and personnel to do for an extra payment. One can also reply on colocation providers to provide security on your machine every day.

What are the disadvantages of colocation?

First disadvantage is that colocation providers are relatively hard to locate. Colocation providers are normally located in cities and major hub for internet services, Colocation providers that are far from your home would relatively cost more due to the services and maintenance colocation providers will provide to keep your server in top shape.

Second disadvantage is that because you are the one that owns your serve, you have all the responsibility in fixing it and upgrading it, unless you pay extra for maintenance.

Third disadvantage is that colocation providers do not regularly change places or move out of town. This is cumbersome especially for businesses that tend to migrate into other places. One must either bring the machine when they move or hire maintenance crew to keep your server fit for service.


These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using colocated servers in order to achieve an edge as you begin to strengthen the foundation of your online marketing empire.

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