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SEO Hosting: A Solution for Online Marketing Problems

seo hostingIn the internet, “visibility” is foremost and important. One can really have good website, but if it is not “visible” to online traffic then it is just a waste of space.  Luckily due to the innovations made in the internet, search engines were developed which acts as a virtual road map to different destinations in the internet. Your website must be a part of that road map, but how? That is where SEO hosting comes in.

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique used by online marketing specialist to make a website visible in the
Search engine results page, through the use of many SEO tailored content to make your website “visible” to search engine algorithms.

The most visible you are to search engines the more your website increase in rank. The goal SEO is to place a website preferably on the first 2 pages of the SERP in order to attract a sizable amount of customers.

So what is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting also works in the same principle, it uses techniques in order to increase your visibility in the internet through the means of search engines. As search engines become more “intelligent”, People are finding ways of maximizing their scope in the internet. One of the techniques being done by businesses today is creating multiple domains and laced it with back links to the original website in order to attract more people.

But sadly, businesses, especially small one cannot afford buying and maintaining multiple independent domains in order to achieve this effect, thus many are creating multiple websites using the same IP address, which basically tells search engines that these websites are down by the same person.

 SEO hosting allows a person to create multiple websites with different IP addresses in order to bypass search engine algorithms by changing the C-class IPs of each website created. Because of this innovation, one can easily create multiple websites that will be the advertisers of your products.

If you want to catch more fish, then spread more nets, if you want to have more online traffic then spread more online nets, with the help of multiple domains through the use of SEO hosting.


SEO hosting is one of the techniques in online marketing strategies that are not generally considered by many. Though it can really boost your rankings by creating multiple websites, one must consider the risk involve in pursuing SEO hosting services. Remember to see first if the gains are worth more than the risks involved.

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Simone Filippi è un SEO italiano, specializzato nella gestione e ottimizzazione delle strategie web marketing di siti web per i motori di ricerca.

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