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Understanding domains

The internet is filled with .com, .net, .org and many more, but what is it and what is its purpose? In this article we will see and hopefully understand the use of those suffixes, and how it is important to our technologically advance world.

What is a domain?

The suffixes on the end of a website address are called domains, it signify a certain “computer address” where the website is located. Because technical computer addresses tend to be long strings of letters and numbers which is hard to understand and hard to remember, domain names are used in order to make the internet user friendly to the general public, especially to those who do are not computer programmers. The suffixes on the end of a website address signify where the website is located, there are different suffixes for different places and knowing them will tell you the origin of the page you are viewing.

What are the types of domains?

.com domains – basically a .com domain is generally used for commercial purposes (.com) and it is also called “international domain” because it doesn’t represent a specific country. An example of domains that specify countries are .jp (Japan), .ph (Philippines), .no (Norway) and many more.

.net domains – these domains are generally used for technology and network related websites. Many web hosting providers use .net for their domains, but businesses are starting to use the .net domain to further extend their reach in the internet world.

.org domains – These are once used for charitable or non-profit websites that promote charitable works for the public. Free online encyclopedias and online dictionaries often use the .org domains. But today, the .org often signifies an organization, which can be non-profit or a business.

.gov domains – Generally these domains are exclusively used by governments, their affiliates and all agencies under it.

.edu domains – Generally are used for educational institutions around the world.

Domains in a nutshell

The purpose of domains is generally for ease of use of the public and to provide a “catchy” name that would be easy to understand and remember. Especially today, as technology blasts off into the future and with the rapidity of its evolution, one can really be left behind. That is why we need to know things more today and knowing more means the capability to adapt in a technologically changing world.

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