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What is a Domain name?

The Domain name is unique to every internet server, just like phone numbers .Without domain names there would have
been a lot of confusion concerning the internet world, and trying to locate a website would have been near to impossible

How the Domain name is recognized

So every domain has two parts to it, there is a top level domain referred to as TLD, here the name is found to the right of the dot.  In the second level domain the name is found to the left of the dot.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the domain name is making it unique, it is important not to make the name similar to any other popular site as this may cause confusion. Having people looking for your website and then being diverted to the one with the name similar to yours is something you should try to avoid.

Choosing the name

Make sure you choose a name which is easy to type, many traffic is misdirected due to spelling mistakes. Also take note of how long the name is the shorter the better, choose words which are easy to spell and easy to remember. It is important to avoid copyright. When deciding on the name tries and includes keywords which are related to your website this helps to divert traffic towards your website when typing in certain words.

What does a domain name represent?

The Domain name is normally applied to recognize one or more IP addresses. They are used in the normal URL and is the key to identify web pages.

The domain us usually followed by a suffix which indicated who the domain belongs to . Here are some examples:

Edu- refers to educational institutions

Org – non profitable organizations

Mil- military

Com- commercial business

Net- networking organizations

So every web server requires a domain name to identify the IP address.

Step by Step

Choose the right Domain name which goes best with describing your website. Get a list of the Names you are interested in and check the availability. You have to choose how many years you wish to keep the name for and fill in personal information.

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