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Which is better cpanel or Plesk?

The internet is the most influential medium for communication today and many are doing everything they can in order
to control and exploit it.  Many are investing on it and are creating websites that will be the foundation of their online marketing empire. Websites, which are the basic “real estate” of the internet world, is constantly operational due to servers which host it and many are looking into ways to better improve their web hosting abilities.

For those who are into web hosting and development, cpanel and Plesk are both famous for their innovations, interface similarities and relative weakness. Though both are web development tools for managing, building and maintaining websites, there are differences that one has to put in mind in order to choose whether cpanel or Plesk is the best. In this article we will tackle about cpanel and plesk and state their strengths and weaknesses.

 What are the basic differences of the two?

Overall presentation and user interface – Cpanel and Plesk basically do the same thing, the only difference is presentation. Cpanel was released in the mid 1990’s and became the mainstay web developing tool for web hosting; it became popular due to its straight forward and user friendly interface. Plesk on the other hand was released shortly after 2000 and have a more complex interface in relation to cpanel. In short, cpanel is the older much easy to use version, and plesk is the modern and slightly complex version.

Compatibility with windows – one of the major difference plesk has over cpanel is that Plesk supports windows and cpanel doesn’t. Plesk can work on more platforms than cpanel, especially as most computers being released today supports windows. Depending on what do you prefer, many people will surely pick plesk rather than cpanel simply because it is compatible with their platform.

How much it costs – in one part, cpanel is much cheaper than Plesk in terms on yearly rental rate. With cpanel you would normally pay at least $450 per year, while Plesk will be more expensive. Depending on your needs and your capability, costs may be a secondary factor when choosing cpanel or plesk.


Cpanel and Plesk are the same concept presented in different ways, both have their advantages and both have disadvantages. Upon stating the main difference of both systems, one can choose for themselves what would be perfect for their purpose and needs, cpanel and plesk.

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