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Domains names: The virtual real estate

We ask “what is a domain?” and the answer is a simplified solution to a complex system that needs a good introduction in order to arrive to a definite and complete answer. We begin by having a brief review of the internet and its systems. The internet is basically a huge network of interconnected computers that share information.  When users browse the internet, they are actually viewing the files stored in these interconnected computers which are made possible by the use of internet browsers. These browsers act as a gateway to access the files stored in these computers which is generally termed as servers.

A person can access these servers by typing into the browser its IP address, this will automatically tell your browser to go to the location of the IP address and view the contents of that server. Each server has its own IP or Internet protocol, this is its identification and virtual address. Now IP addresses are normally long strings of numbers which are very hard to memorize. Because of this, the Domain name system was created which made internet browsing a breeze.  To put it simply, Domain names are the addresses we type on our internet browsers to locate a website which we want to view.  It is the simplified version of the IP address, which could be easily remembered, aside from typing in, one can simply type google.com which is more efficient and user-friendly.

Domain names are purchased from domain registrars which is found everywhere on the internet. Web hosting companies can also provide domain names which are either free or have a monthly rate. Domains are the real estate in the internet and everyone that wants to utilize the internet for personal or commercial gain must have a domain and an easy to remember domain names to be successful.

Domain names are a combination of different parts, same as in addresses where you place the number of the street, county, city, country and zip code, Domain names are also the same. In the website www.mywebsite.com, “www” is the type of server, “mywebsite” is the name of the site or the second level domain, and the “.com” Indicates the website’s purpose (.com for commercial, .net for networks, .org for organization, .gov for government), it is also called the top-level domain. The combination of these parts constitutes the web address which is the easier version of the difficult to remember “IP Address”

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