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Co-Location – Hosting reviews

When planning your website it is important to check out hosting reviews. You do not want to get into situation pay money and not be happy. So Checking out reviews on blogs and articles will help in your choice.

 Co-location is a machine which lets you share a bandwidth on your server as if it is your own. It will cost more than a normal web hosting service. There are some main advantages of collocation and one of them is the cost.  A normal DSL line will be higher than a co-location provider but will give you more speed. These co-locations have a rather higher outage protection rate; this will help when there is no power giving you the ability to keep working when everything else is down. This machine can be upgraded when the memory runs out, and the software is yours to keep, easy to install and you can add as many features as you want.  Even if you want to move the server doesn’t have to be stopped.

Some co-location providers even provide some other security features, and are stored in a secure place.  If you do not have the luxury of an IT team you can have the ability of a service which will maintain and manage your server for you.

The only thing is that co-location providers can prove hard to find.  If you find one that is quite near to where you live or work will prove beneficial.

For people who run a small site for blogs or personal use the most difficult question is if co-location is what they should opt for. It is most appealing to those who run larger scale business websites, or for small business who want to shine on the web.

There are two types of co-location, the managed and the unmanaged. It is important to choose the one that is more beneficial to you. The Managed co-location is a server which has been pre configured with certain aspects and specifications which can be used with limits. Here the provider normally takes the responsibility to provide the needed software and upgrades accordingly. Maintenance like reboots, backups and hardware problems are also taken care of by the provider.

So as you can see the service of a managed co-location is of a quite high standard, it helps in particular cases were the person using it is not very technical in this area, or do not have an IT staff to manage it.

On the contrary unmanaged co-location is based on applications which are not supported by the chosen provider, or if you want to have a higher rate of control on the overall configuration of the server. So an Unmanaged co-location is actually the best choice. Here you have manage all your own hardware and provide it yourself. Here you have the advantage of being more flexible on the content. There is still a contract involved and still certain things are not allowed such as porn.

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