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Linux dedicated server: What is it?

One of the marvels of human endeavor is technology and it is man’s greatest achievement to date. One can easily be awed by the sheer volume of technological advancement mankind has made, and one of his greatest invention is the internet. Today, it is impossible to picture out a society without the internet, it would be a surreal world, as the internet today is deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of society. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have utilized the power of the internet to achieve personal profit and many more and are dependent on its services. Through the internet one can really be famous and become successful if done correctly.

The internet is a form of media which is intertwined with millions of information worldwide. Knowing all the principles how does the internet work is not an easy task. But to put it simple, the internet is basically a large number of interconnected computers that share files to each other; this is its basic characteristics. The main means how people share information in the internet, is through the internet browser, which is basically a navigation tool to browse websites.

Websites on the other hand are the hosted by computers which are called servers, there are literally millions of servers in existence today to host all the websites on the internet. The interconnection of these networks of servers is the internet.

In order to run a website on must have a server or computer behind it which basically serves as storage for the files being posted in a particular website. There are two main types of servers, shared servers and dedicated servers. A shared server is when a single server is being used or “shared” by more than one client; this is to save money due to relatively low costs. A dedicated server is a server devoted to only one client, this is much expensive than shared servers but can give the client enormous resources to run a very advance websites.

In this article, we will talk about the Linux dedicated server and what is it. As we have learned, servers are computers that run a website, a Linux dedicated server is a computer server with a Linux operating system. Basically it is a computer that runs a website through Linux based applications. Now many are opting for Linux dedicated servers, especially with businesses with high traffic, because of its stability.

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