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What is web hosting?

web hostingThe internet is a vast interconnected world of information shared by countless number of computers; it is a web of
connections that covers the whole world. The website is the basic component in the internet in that no business can become successful in the cyberworld without it. Each website is powered by a computer which is called a server and the person or company that runs the server is called a host. Web hosting is the process of running a server for users who wants to run and manage their own websites.

 The website is actually files stored in computers which are connected to the internet. As people surf the internet, they access these computers by the use of internet browsers. As one types in the address on the internet browser, it is actually telling the browser what computer is to be accessed and what file in that computer is to be viewed, because of this, the website host in one of the most integral persons in the internet.

A website host is responsible for maintaining and operating the servers where users store their website files. To put it simpler, the host is in principle the same as a landlord, tenants pay rent for use of the landlord’s facilities. In the internet, web owners pay “rent” for their use of storage facilities on servers run by hosts.

There are many type of web hosting and some of the most famous types are shared web hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared web hosting is when a host allows users to share server space with a specific rate. This type of web hosting is perfect for personal or family website and for small businesses. Many favor this type of web hosting because it is cheaper than other forms of web hosting services.

Dedicated web hosting on the other hand is for big websites which caters heavy traffic. Dedicated servers are computers that are for the sole purpose of providing hosting services for one client. This gives the client a huge amount of resources to cater huge volumes of transactions. Big businesses sometimes require more than one server to fully accommodate all of their transactions and for storing all their files. Naturally dedicated servers cost more than shared web hosting which is its only downside.


The internet is one powerful media for information exchange and communication, it is the most influential form of media today and will be more important in the years to come as technology advances and the internet begins to evolve anew.

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