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Best Web Hosting in the UK

When it comes to selecting a web hosting service, you want one with proven service and knowledge. For the best web hosting in the UK you need look no farther than Namesco.  Namesco Limited has been in business since 1996. Since then they have been known for economical web hosting. Through excellent management and smart investing Namesco has built a technical infrastructure second to none. By expanding and merging, Namesco has grown from a few employees in the late 1980’s to becoming one of the top fifty world’s largest web hosting services.

They can deliver the best web hosting. Browse their website at:

http://www.names.co.uk/hosting.html and you will see what we’re talking about.

Namesco offers web hosting that fits any individual or business needs. And their prices cannot be matched by any other web hosting service. They guarantee it!   

Do you want to get a business or individual website online? Do you need a powerful hosting service? Whatever your Internet needs, Namesco prides itself on being the best web hosting service to meet those needs. They have the awards to prove that they are the best web hosting provider in the UK. comes packed full of features and can support the simplest to the most demanding online needs.

Namesco offers a variety of web hosting services tailor made to fit your home and business needs. The beginning Starter Hosting Plan is just the perfect size for individuals and small business owners. It comes with all the tools you will need to create your own website or blog. As well, it has over a hundred and fifty web applications. There is a useful and easy-to-follow guide for those new to having a website or blog. With the starter package, you get a domain name, ten POP3 email accounts, and five gigabytes of storage. You have technical help to set up and run your own website or blog available every day. It’s all part of the package! Namesco holds your hand as you get started.

Perhaps you require greater web hosting for your business? Namesco has a Professional Package. It includes all the fine features of the Starter Hosting Package. But, in addition, it has fifty POP3 and ten IMAP email accounts. The storage space is doubled and bandwidth has also increased to twenty gigabytes.

No matter how large your business or how intricate you web hosting needs, Namesco business,has a plan that is perfect for you.

And Namesco is not sitting on its laurels. You don’t get to be the best web hosting service in the UK by sitting still. Their future plans include meeting the increasing demands of their customers. New services are becoming available every day. For more information on the best web hosting service in the UK a good place to start is by reading Namesco’s news pages at: http://www.names.co.uk/hosting.html

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