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Dedicated Servers

With increased use of the computer for personal and business use, new needs arise. One of these is dedicated servers. A dedicated server is one computer as part of a network whose job it is to fulfill the serving duties for the entire network. These duties might include communication  between the computes and/or storage of data. The dedicated server would be the single computer hooked to the printer. Not every network is equipped with a dedicated server.

The dedicated server is usually rented from a web hosting service.`

Often people think a dedicated server is just a regular computer. From the outside it looks like just another computer. Dedicated servers differ from regular computers  differ in the technology they supply.

Not all businesses or individual computer network systems require  dedicated servers. A good first check is to consider the size of your business. If you have five or more employees using a network system, you probably would benefit from a dedicated server.

Cost and benefits are definite considerations.  A high-end PC (which your company may already possess) might be designated as a dedicated server. It could be used as a file server and as the print commander. When you are looking at whether to purchase a dedicated server or use an existing computer consider criteria such as how much money will be required to move to a dedicated server; how much better performance will be gained? Would a dedicated server offer more security?

A dedicated server can be tailored to specific business needs. Unless your business is large, one server will likely suffice. There are two or three costs involved. You will be required to rent or buy hardware. A web hosting service will set up and administer your dedicated server and charge a monthly fee for this.

Companies such as PoundHost provide online services like dedicated servers to individuals as well as large and small businesses. They operate in several European countries including Spain, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands. They bring to the dedicated service over a decade of knowledge and expertise.

When you are choosing a web hosting company to provide dedicated servers for your company it is wise to select a company that has years of experience. Discuss this service with other business owners. Read testimonials on the company website. See a dedicated service demonstration.

Trained knowledgeable technicians at web hosting companies like PoundHost will answer any questions you may have. They are available around the clock to problem solve for your business.  It just makes sense to select a dedicated server provider with proven expertise. A good place to start is: http://www.poundhost.com/dedicated-servers/

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