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Do You Own a Website? If You Do, You Need Domain Brand Protection.

Since the mid-1990’s the impact of the Internet grew exponentially, and soon it became obvious that, without an interactive website, any company in the western world was doomed to failure.  It soon became the out-of-town meeting place for friends and family around the world, which is nothing short of a miracle in a catastrophe.  However, the Internet can have its dark site, too.  That includes various sorts of Internet crime.  We are here to discuss only one, though, and that’s hijacking – not of ships or planes, but of YOUR domain and trademark.

Consider this scenario; you go to your website’s address only to find half naked ladies posing next to high-roller slot machines and holding wads of cash in their hands.  You are furious, of course!  What happened to your home improvement website?  Someone hijacked it!  You do a WHOIS search to try to find the culprit, and they are out of your country, in some country with very little Internet law, let alone web courtesy.  You have just lost your domain – or have you?

Hijacking or Cyber-Squatting – What’s the Difference?

Honestly, there is no difference.  Someone took your domain from you, and they are using it to make money for themselves illegally – money that should be going to you, perhaps in the millions of dollars, pounds, Euros or whatever currency you use.  That’s the bottom line.  Now, some sites are working to save your domain for you.  A site called Safenames shows how it can reduce your cyber-squatter problems.

  • Global Search – Comprehensively searches for domain names containing your trademark(s)
  • Assessment of Infringement – Identifies the worst sites infringing on your brand
  • Infringement Prioritization – Prioritizes sites posing the highest risk to your brand
  • Recommended Plan of Action – Summary of findings and recommendations to reduce risk
  • Joint Plan Agreement – Between trademark holder and Safenames on recommended course of action
  • Plan Execution – Safenames can either take the lead or work with your legal team to resolve the top infringements

Benefits of using their service include:

  • Protects your investment and equity
  • Guards your brands from content that may affect your company’s reputation and sales
  • Keeps others from profiting through unauthorized registration
  • Removes the need to purchase your domains back from the criminals that stole them
  • Protects your domain from harmful content, such as pornography or gambling
  • Much more


Clearly, it pays to do everything you can for security, and Safenames can help with that.  While this is not an advertisement for Safenames, you need to research the Web for the best security company for your website.

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