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New gTLDs Domain names in for 2013

For years, we are fully acquainted of the .coms and the .orgs in the internet. This has very much shaped what the internet
looks like, but come 2013 this will all change. We will now be seeing websites with very unique top level domain names such as .london, .paris or .wine and .music which will expand the internet greatly.

But to really understand how the new domain names will have a definitive impact in the internet, we need to know what a domain name is. Domain names are the website address you input in your internet browser. Domain names are important because it is easy to remember. Simply said, it is the easy-to-remember alternative for the IP address which is a combination of numbers, which is hard to remember.

For example, www.work.com, this is the easy-to-remember substitute of an IP address, the “www” is the host name, the “work” is the second-level domain and the “.com” is the top-level domain. Currently there are at least 22 Generic Top level domains or gTLDs to choose from. All websites today either have .com as their extension or .org, .gov and any of the 22 domain extensions available.

The ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) an internet entity which is responsible for the regulations and management of domain names have announced this new innovation in the internet.

They say that with this new option of allowing customers to choose their own domain extensions will further develop the internet. But with the arrival of the new generic top-level domains in 2013, the extension list will expand to an estimated 1,000 unique extension names.

 But it doesn’t end there; ICANN also announced that these new generic Top level domains can also be in your native language or even in your native alphabet. This will surely create worldwide interaction and competition from millions of applicants for new, original top-level domain names.

Creativity and uniqueness is the main intention of the arrival of these new gTLDs. But many are still unsure what to expect with the sudden expansion of domain name extensions. But one thing is certain; this new addition to the internet will definitely change how it will work and how people will benefit from it.

As the internet becomes more influential in people’s lives, we can see its usage to further increase. Billions of people are currently dependent on the service the internet brings. The effects of these new domain extensions to billions of internet users are not that clear, but it will surely change the face of the internet forever.

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