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PoundHost Launches a New Affiliate Marketing Channel

New Affiliate Marketing Channel

With the ever increasing challenge of capturing new and unique customers, businesses are consistently turning to creative methods of presenting their value and establishing their brand presence. It is in this spirit that UK based PoundHost, leading player in the server co-location realm, is announcing a new affiliate marketing campaign.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

For the average business striving to succeed in the ever increasing frenzy of competition, it only makes sense that the wise business maximizes their potential while minimizing their overhead costs. This is where the practice of server co-location comes into play. Unfortunately, the benefits are being missed by far too many.

PoundHost has established themselves as a trusted provider of online services, eventually leading the charge in Server Co-Location solutions. This service brings peace of mind and extreme savings to customers, who no longer deal with the physical management of their servers or the out of reach costs associated with higher bandwidth.

PoundHost recognizes their valuable server co-location product is not reaching all who are flailing without a solution. The decision was made to use new affiliate marketing channels, which place the information directly in the path of those seeking options by presenting it throughout a network of cyber partners. In this way, PoundHost is able to increase their presence and provide more with their valuable solutions.

The Advantage Of Teamwork In Marketing Efforts

The advantages of affiliate marketing are not one-directional. Just as a good salesperson is rewarded for bringing on new customers, commissions are fairly paid to the affiliate partner for the resulting sales of new customers they deliver. As the PoundHost affiliate marketing effort is in its infancy, the opportunity is present for a growing pool of interested affiliate channel partners. The affiliate marketing campaign utilizes a layered commission structure based on resulting sales, maximizing the earning opportunity and allowing for a variety of partners of varying size or existing cyber presence. To capture the diversity of solutions seekers out there, a variety of styles and appearances of the information will be available.

To facilitate this new directive, PoundHost has partnered with the company Affiliate Future. This new business relationship will allow for a high performing return on investment, with the reduced risk that comes from working with a proven partner. The efforts will continue as future affiliate marketing channels will be carried forward with partners such as SimplyServers.com and CheapVPS.

Providing valuable services, such as their trusted server co-location, is what drives PoundHost. It is only growing more important that these services are made readily available, and that the knowledge of this important option is not simply left to chance, but delivered to those that need it most. Using affiliate marketing, PoundHost will be able to provide their services to protect more businesses from the challenge and expense of server management, allowing them to focus on their own important customers.

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