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What Server Do You Want For Your Website?

You are upgrading your website and its server to take advantage of all the new Internet computing capabilities.  If you live and work in Great Britain, then the place to look for your new Windows server is PoundHost.com, because PoundHost.com offers a Windows server in each of its dedicated server plans from the least to the most expensive.  If you visit PoundHost.com and take a look around the website, you will see that they depend almost totally upon Windows server products and proudly advertise an almost perfect 99.9% uptime for each of their services.

Since this writer wishes to present only accurate information, after reading PoundHost.com, I went to the source of all Windows servers: that is Microsoft.com, to learn about them.  One of the links I explored took me to their Windows server blog, where I learned what servers were all about.  Just a few of its capabilities include:

  • Hyper-V greatly improves virtualization for a multi-tenant platform for cloud computing
  • Provides high availability and disaster recovery (essential for any website) through software technology on cost-effective hardware
  • Delivers tremendous new capabilities for multi-machine management and automation.  This will greatly improve productivity for these teams at your workplace.
  • Gives you a powerful Windows server application, so that you will be able to develop and host most demanding application workloads.

This is just a brief list of the features and benefits of Windows Server “8.”  To read the full entry, go to this blog.

How Do the British Like Windows Server “8?”

The following British corporations wrote to Microsoft to thank them for their Windows Server “8.”

Staffordshire County Council

The Council wanted to benefit from management and virtualization, save money (Doesn’t everybody?) and make sure that critical applications keep going while creating a cloud environment for shared services.  Over the next 12 months, they expect significant savings and productivity improvements, with the time it takes to build a server cut by 90%.  They can now have more partnerships and accurately bill for services.

Net Benefit

This managed hosting provider constantly upgrades its technology to stay competitive.  Because it included cloud computing in its Windows server services, NetBenefit deployed Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V.  Because of the Hyper-V, they could add an entry-level virtual offering to its hosting services.

Then, they used the same software to create its cloud computing environments, both public and private.

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