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How Can co UK Domains Benefit Me?

If you are doing business in the UK and need a site that can trade in GBP, co.uk and other similar UK domains can help you trade in GBP and give you an Internet presence in Great Britain, just as the .com domain gives Internet presence in the United States.  Your co.uk domain tells your audience that you are most likely a UK company, so you will have more relevance when it comes to information, services, delivery charges and prices in GBP.  Your visitors will have confidence that they are dealing with a local company when you get a .co.uk domain.

About the .uk Domain

This is the official country code Top-Level-Domain of the United Kingdom.  One cannot register directly under the .uk ccTLD.  Therefore, it is separated into several second-level-domains (SLD’s).  The most popular of these is .co.uk.

  • .co.uk   for businesses
  • .org.uk for non-profit organizations
  • .me.uk for individuals
  • .ltd.uk  for UK limited companies
  • .net.uk for UK ISPs
  • .plc.uk  for UK public companies

What Is a Domain Name?

Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique IP address, which is a series of numbers and dots.  Early on, people began to realize that the numbers were not meaningful, and people were forgetting the ones that linked to their websites

How Do I Obtain a Domain Name?

Type in your desired domain name in any one of the Names.co domain search boxes and follow the instructions.

What Name Shall I Get?

Go for something easy to remember and unique, and register it under all suffixes possible to keep competitors from getting variations of your name.

How Much Does It Cost?

.co.uk domains usually are cheaper than .coms, but it depends on what suffixes you want.


A detagged domain name stopped being hosted on two name servers.  Therefore, services that come with that domain name, such as e-mail or a web site will stop working.

What is a Tag?

An IPS tag is an identifier given to a tag holder registered with nominet.UK, the UK domain name registrar.  The tag holder has to pay application charges and annual renewal charges.

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