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Web Hosting Comparison: what should I look at?

There are literally millions of companies out there offering web hostin services. Some companies are expensive, others are cheap and some are completely free. All you need to do as an individual is think about what you want out of a hosting vendor and the do a comparison of all applicable hosts.

The price that you pay to have the services of a hosting company does not necessarily determine the quality or quantity of services that you will get. Although, there is truth to the statement “you get what you paid for”. The only way to really evaluate the quality of a website is by comparing them to other vendors and the features and benefits that they offer.

One of the best ways to go about deciding on which company to sign up with is by reading their reviews or even better, asking them to provide links to existing clients’ websites. The reviews will definitely give you a truthful insight into the company’s existing services and how they operate. Having a look at the existing customers’ website will definitely give you a clear and concise picture of how competent the host is.

Some of the points to remember when comparing the hosts are how much they charge, how much of bandwidth you get and how reliable the hosts are known to be with regards to support after you sign up. The premiums you pay for hosting all depends on the company you sign up with and of course what you get with the package.

Another important point to consider is whether you require dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Dedicated hosting basically means that the vendor will host your company alone. So you don’t have to worry about not getting all their attention. This option is perfect for major businesses that get a lot of traffic. Shared hosting means that the company that is hosting your site also hosts other websites at the same time. This option is good for simple or small business websites.

Ultimately, no matter which hosting vendor or plan you choose, it should fulfill all of your websites requirements so that you can be free to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

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