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Why Do Some People Prefer Linux Hosting?

There are various types of website hosting options available today. The decision lies with the individual as to which options they will choose and why. Aside from choosing between dedicated and shared hosting options, there is also a choice of which operating system to go with. Your choice will be determined by they type of programming and coding you require.

 The most popular operation system used by hosting companies today is Windows. The main reason for it being so widely used is because there is a lot of support available for this operating system. The coding and programming it offers is also very widely requested. The fact is that windows offer many features that other operating systems, don’t.

 Operating systems like Macintosh and UNIX are not very widely used, mainly because the software is very expensive and the platform is more complicated to navigate and understand. Since the cost of hosting has been reduced in the last few years, people like developers don’t want to be spending money they don’t have to. Everyone from Big corporations to the small businesses can now have access to affordable web hosting.

 The Linux operating system is another popular platform used by many Linux hosting companies. The bonus point is that the software is FREE. There are no patents and no restrictions. Google has locked onto this innovation and turned it into massive business. This is why so many developers use it as a platform as opposed to the Windows operating system. For most of the features that Windows offers, Linux also offers a parallel feature. There are a few applications that Linux will not be compatible with, since it’s not a product of Microsoft.com, it won’t be compatible with all Microsoft applications.

 The security on both operating systems is also great. However, with Linux hosting you have access to security fixes from a global community of developers. Business owners also have extra support in the form of community sites and forums. With windows you are completely limited to support from a single company, which puts you in difficult place, if you have a business to run.

Linux is also now supported by the big names like Novell and Red hat, making around the clock support for business services and applications, available and dependable.

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