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Best Web Hosting

Whenever you think of creating a website, there are three things that you need to consider- what is the website going to be about? Its domain name and finally the host you’re going to opt for. You will come across plenty of hosting services; but, which among them is the best web hosting service?

A simple search on Google will give you an astonishing number of searches similar to: ‘The top Best web hosting services’ However, most of these lists include services that paid the websites to enter their names up there.

If you’re actually looking for the best web hosting service, you would need to decide what features you’re going to need and the amount of bandwidth your website would use up. So what do you do to choose the one that’s meant for you?

Small Scale Hosting

If you’re creating a personal website showcasing your portfolio or maybe one just for fun, you’re going to need a small scale host. One of the best small scale hosts you could find is Bluehost, there are plenty of others that are equally good and maybe even better. But, this one is pretty decent and some of the features include:

  • A drag and drop interface, makes it easier to create your website
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Most people find the support staff to be rough, but when you consider the pricing it’s a good choice.

Mid-Range Hosting

If you’re looking for something fast and flexible, you’re going to need a mid-range host. You could check out Linode, they offer great VPS hosting at affordable rates. You can even set up disk partitions and networks.

But, if you’re looking for larger VPS systems, the prices here are out of bounds, so only use them for mid-priced hosting.

Large Scale Hosting

Hostgator and Rackspace are the commonly used hosts when it comes to large scale hosting. Usually large scale hosts are those hosts that provide you with excellent round the clock support. They’re cost effective and have efficient hosting solutions to ensure maximum up time.

They’re prices may be on the higher side, but if you have a high traffic website, you’re surely going to need a large scale host.

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