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Cheapest Domain Names

Before you launch a website you’re going to need two things – a host and a domain name. Finding the cheapest domain names is one way to go about it, but you should also make sure that you’re choosing the right domain name with the right extension, because the amount of traffic your website generates could vastly depend on these factors.

If you have a business website, you’re going to have to buy a domain name that reflects your business or even better, use the business name as the domain name. Picking the domain name is hard and you need to put in a lot of thought, never rush and buy a domain name – you may never get an opportunity to correct this mistake.

Do I need to look for the cheapest domain names?

Of course, you need to look for the cheapest domain names, because in the long run these tiny amounts add up. However, you need to consider a few factors before you choose the domain name of interest.

The extension

There are various kinds of extensions, the most popular being .com, .org, .net, .info as well as country specific domain extensions such as .uk, .ca, .au and so on. If you’re new to the process of selecting domain names, you may not know which to choose. But, picking the right one is the most important step towards building a successful website.

You need to decide whether your website is going to have information that is targeting audiences from across the globe. If this is the case, the best option would be a .com extension.

If you’re a charitable organization or are building a website for a hospital or day care – opt for a .org extension as that’s the best in such circumstances.

If at all your website is targeted to a specific country, make sure to buy a domain name with the extension of that country. It would be .uk for the UK, .au for Australia and so on.


The prices of various extensions differ and various places offer each of them at different rates as well. Therefore, when you are in search of cheapest domain names, you would have to search for the sites that are selling domain names and also search for coupons and discounts in order to get them real cheap!


If you’re really happy with the domain name you’ve chosen and are sure that you’re going to stick with it for years to come, you could buy the domain for many years – you get a discount this way.

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