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Facebook Domain

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites – that is if it does not hold the #1 spot. It has millions of registered users and each day, it gets millions of unique page views as well. Therefore, it is not only one of the largest social networking sites – it is also a contender on the list of top used websites of the world.

The Facebook domain name that most people commonly use is that of www.facebook.com. However, when we type in the address in the address bar of our browsers, there is a high probability of us missing out some parts such as the dot after the www.

This has led to another site wwwfacebook.com to receive thousands of views each and every day – this was not Facebook though! Therefore, many people were ending up on another site, not at all, what they had in mind. Most of the times, people purposely buy such domain names in order to grab some traffic due to the mistakes of people using the highly trafficked websites.

Google and Twitter have had a tough time going through various lawsuits when it came to their websites. Facebook surely didn’t want to go through all this non-sense. Therefore, they went ahead and bought the domain name and redirect the traffic to their actual site.

In addition, Facebook has bought a shorter domain name www.fb.com and redirects all this traffic to the main Facebook domain. If you go into the details, you would notice that there are plenty of Facebook domains all pointing to the actual Facebook site. It is like a single person possessing plenty of unique identities.

This domain name became available only this May and now Facebook Inc. has bought it over – so it’s safe to say that this domain name has found its final home.

How did they get the domain name?

You may be wondering from where they managed to buy this domain name. Well, it was through a somewhat famous protection company going by the name MarkMonitor.

But, one thing is still not clear regarding this deal. Did the person who previously owned the domain just let it go or did Facebook offer them something to get rid of it? Because, this domain was worth a fortune for a common person – there is no way anyone in his or her right mind would let it go that easy.

However, it is all speculations as of now as there is no formal word coming from anyone regarding the previous owner.

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