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Why is it Necessary to Buy Domain Names?

The internet is fast becoming the number one place to go to for information, shopping, education and much more. Businesses that have websites rely heavily on the internet as one of their most valued business tools. They use the internet for marketing, exposure, communication and various other transactions. It is beneficial to understand exactly how the internet operates in order to fully grasp all it has to offer.

Every website has something called a Domain name. The domain name is basically the websites’ address. For example on the site www.microsoft.com , the domain name is “Microsoft”. Every site will therefore have a different domain name and address. The internet however, does not operate by domain names but rather by internet protocol, more commonly referred to as your computers IP Address, which is in the form of numbers. This is why you need a domain name server to translate your domain name into a recognizable address for the internet.

In order to create and have websites up and running, you will need to buy domain names. This domain name will be unique to you and you will own the full rights thereof. You can do so much with your own domain name. You can create a business website and take your small business to the next level, or you can market a specific service to the public. If you don’t have a business, you can use your domain name to create your very own personal website, where you can post pictures of your family and friends. The options are limitless. Think about it as your piece of property on the internet.

Some of the sites that you can buy domain names from are godaddy.com, domain.com and names.co.uk. All you do is use their search tools and they will notify you if the name you have chosen is already in use. The next step would be for you to change your name or tweak it just a little, until the site lets you know that you can go ahead and use that as your own domain name. The next step is to buy domain names and register them and you are on your way to owning your piece of success on the internet.

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