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What is a VPS server?

Storage of data within a VPS server gives you a range of possibilities close to that of a dedicated server, without imposing costs.  In the world of web hosting, hosting in VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a solid alternative to dedicated hosting, and an interesting step between shared hosting and dedicated server.

VPS hosting creates multiple virtual servers on a single real server, using virtualisation software technologies such as VMWare, Xen or Virtuozzo, to name but three.  The principle is to offer customers all the benefits of a dedicated server, without having to suffer the costs.  Thus, the VPS has a full control of storage, and handles it as if it were a personal machine.  The customer’s account has all rights to all folders, and may install all the software the account holder deems necessary to maintain its online service.  VPS can be created turnkey or maintained by a technical team, but more often it is the client that fully supports the management of their virtual server.

It is attractive compared to shared hosting, considering the inability of shared hosting to secure a bad account from being penetrated by another account of the same machine.  Accounts apply only to the virtual server, and each server is to ignore the existence of others on his machine.  IP address, bandwidth, disk space and memory allocation can also be completely separated between different servers.  It is also possible to share certain resources, according to available offers.

So, this is the solution to be considered for any individual or small business wanting to differentiate themselves from endless accommodation; PHP / MySQL, for example to create the environment Perl / PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails, in mastering the updates and extensions.

A VPS can also host as many sites as necessary, to have its own mail server or FTP, to the online storage, etc.  It may not be necessary to control the administration Linux or Windows, for/by having such a service; most hosting offers servers preinstalled with the most common options, however the user must ensure, before choosing this solution, that it will actually meets their needs.  For example, if the site cannot afford to share resources such as RAM or bandwidth, then try VPS rather than looking at the dedicated.

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