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Why VPS is more expensive than dedicated servers

In web hosting there are three different types of offers: shared hosting, VPS server and dedicated server.  Most webmasters choose shared hosting because it is the cheap server, and it can be found from a few quid per month.  Some web hosting even offer web hosting with unlimited offer hosting, but it is not always as attractive because of the concept of shared hosting.

Indeed, a website is basically a bunch of files on a machine that the user accesses on the Internet.  Shared hosting means we will put your website with thousands of others and therefore, it consumes lot of resources at the same time and that any failure on this computer will drop all websites.  Therefore, webmasters are choosing a VPS server or dedicated server.

There is a difference between a VPS server and dedicated servers.  A VPS server is a machine dedicated to one customer, but maintenance is managed by the web host.  You can install any application on a VPS server, but you do not need to worry about installing the web server or database. In contrast, a dedicated server is just a computer with an operating system, usually Linux, on which you must install yourself all server components.  Therefore, we can understand why a VPS is more expensive than a dedicated cheap server, because it has nothing to do with a VPS while it will take an in depth knowledge in web administration in a dedicated server.   For example, web hosting with a dedicated server can be done for under £20 per month, but a VPS server costs roughly £30 per month.  There are occasions when dedicated hosting will cost you a sweet fortune, and VPS becomes the cheap server.  This price difference is explained by the fact that the web server can have different configurations depending on its needs.  So you can take advantage of multiple processors, a lot of RAM, hard drive and automatic backups daily.

Webmasters are often faced with choosing between a VPS and dedicated server.  The answer depends on the budget and skills of the webmaster.  If your budget is tight and you have knowledge in web administration, then choose a dedicated server such.

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