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Uk domains

Before you pick your domain name, you are going to need to decide what the extension would be. Is it going to be a .com, .org, .net, .info or something that is country specific such as .uk or .co.uk? The right domain name would also need to be easy to remember and spell; and at the same time reflect your business or the purpose of the website.

Tips to choosing the perfect UK domain name for your website

Now that you’ve decided that your website is built specifically for the UK audience, you should choose a domain name that is also specific to this region – either a .uk or a .co.uk extension. Because, by doing this, whenever people from around here search for something related to your website, there are higher probabilities that your site will rank high – since it’s made specifically for this audience.

However, the extension isn’t all that you need to consider when choosing a domain name, there are plenty of other important factors that you need to keep in mind:

The name should be simple

Before buying UK domains for your website, try to choose a specific domain name that reflects the purpose of the entire site. Keep it short and simple, because this way people would be able to recall the name with ease. If you’re not focusing on visits through search engines, you should try to get a catchy name as well.

Do you have a keyword?

Is your website a niche site focused on a specific subject? If it is, you’re going to have to try to buy UK domains that possess the keyword or at least a synonym; because, this could give you a boost in the search results. As far as possible don’t hyphenate the domain name, as people tend to forget about the hyphen when entering the name of the website in their browsers address bar.

Make a list of possible names

Very often the name we opt for isn’t available. Therefore, rather than being frustrated, we should come up with a list of possible names. Another benefit of using UK domains with the .uk extensions is the fact that there would be plenty of free domain names unlike the .com’s where almost everything is already bought.

Don’t forget to renew the domain name

Once you’ve bought a domain name and begin getting the traffic, don’t forget to renew the domain name; because, there will be plenty of people just waiting for the opportunity to buy the domain the moment it’s up for grabs.

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