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No matter what your business is, having a website is really important – no more is it a luxury it’s a necessity. Individuals too have their very own website built up for their personal needs – so why not your business?

However, you need to put in a lot of thought when setting up your web domain. The URL is important and it lets your visitors know what the website is about. Of course, direct customers will already know what the website offers, but what about people who find you through search engines?

Things to do before setting up your web domain

Before you set up your website, there are a few crucial aspects of the website that you need to consider such as:

What is the overall mission of your website?

Why are you setting up a website? Is it going to be a sales website (An ecommerce website), a booking site or just one that provides customers with information? You need to think about the long term use of your website and not what you’re planning to do with it on its first month.

Whenever people find your page in the search results, the first thing that they’re going to do is notice the URL of your website – is it catchy, yet represents your mission? If not, you need to put in a bit of thought.

Think of possible domain names

As already mentioned, the first thing people notice is a websites URL. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s great and truly reflects your business. Your web domain name would need a lot of thought. Because, just coming up with one name won’t be sufficient – it’s mostly already bought by another person. So, you would need a list of possible domain names in order to get at least one that you wished for.

Many people use the free Google Keyword Tool to help them find keywords related to their business so as to get the best possible web domain name. When you buy a domain name, as far as possible see to it that there are no hyphens, because it’s human nature to leave them out when entering the URL on their browsers. This would take your customers to another website, and you’d be losing business this way.

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