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Understanding the Basics of ASP Hosting

Asp hosting refers to active server pages, which is basically the scripting that is used to generate the active content of your web page. There are two types of content that will be created through this process. The first is static content, such as text, images or any objects that are embedded in the page. These materials will remain the same and will appear the same way every time the web page is accessed. The second is active content which will change depending on how the user is contacting the page. Things like server requests, the date, the location of the ISP address and other factors will alter how this kind of content behaves. Most web pages combine both of these options in their design and page function.

It is important to note that asp and asp.net are two different things. The net framework was created to support multiple languages in a way that allows them to interact and work cohesively in a design. Basic asp hosting is the framework that is used to create this exchange, but combines this data in a way that focuses on website building so that web based functions can interact directly with applications on the desktop while the page is being built.

Asp hosting refers to the webserver that allows the page you have designed to connect to the internet. This is one of the most common hosting packages available. Your hosting package usually includes the bandwidth your page will use, storage space and processing power. Typically, asp based servers will run on Windows but some companies will also provide asp support that will run with Linux as well, though it is a much more rare setup. The server which is used by the company should be listed in the package instructions so you can plan accordingly.

Many companies rely on asp frameworks because they will host a variety of objects written in most computer languages. If the customer has designed the webpage on their own, a host does not need to do much configuring to launch it with the asp.net framework. Using asp hosting will also make it easy to program in new objects and pages as the webpage grows without having to do much by way of adjusting the framework that has been set for the rest of the design. You can also link the desktop database to a single server to make adjusting the page and launching new content a seamless transition.

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