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Why should you use a website maker to build your website? Website makers are great for people who don’t know html, scripts, or website design. They allow you to create professional looking websites at the fraction of the cost that a typical website designer would charge. That said using the wrong one may mean that your website may not work correctly and that it won’t have the functionality that you need it to have. There are four important criteria in selecting a good website maker: ease of use, personalization, add-on selection, and lastly, price. 

User friendly interface

The website maker’s interface should be intuitive and easy to use. Using it should be like using your favorite word-processing program. The website maker should have point and click functionality and operate on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis (WYSIWYG).  How much HTML knowledge you need to use the website maker should be minimal, if any.

Customizable templates

Most website builders come with templates that you can use in creating your website. The best ones will have many options for customizing the template so that you may differentiate your site from other websites that were made using the same program and template. For instance, a good website maker will allow you to change the colors, fonts, font sizes, colors, and navigation buttons. You should also be able to adjust the layout and choose the graphics that you want displayed.

Varied Add-on Selection

Add-ons are gadgets that you can add to your site to do different things. You can have an add-on that tells the weather to your users according to where they are located. If you are a mortgage broker, there are mortgage calculator add-ons that will allow your users to calculate possible mortgage payments. You get the picture. The point is that the website maker you use should have a wide assortment of add-ons to choose from.


Price is an important issue, to be sure, and there are many free website makers available online. Many free ones offer the same functionality and are just as good as the paid ones. However, there are also quite a few free-to-use website builders that simply lack the necessary tools that you need to make a professional quality website.

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