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Benefits of Quarter Rack Colocation

Quarter rack colocation services provide reasonably priced alternatives to dedicated data servers. In the past, only large-scale enterprises could take advantage of the consistency and reliability of high performance data centers. With quarter rack colocation options, even small and medium businesses can benefit from powerful and dependable servers.

Quarter Rack Basics

Quarter rack systems typically house multiple servers of up to a maximum of 10U. Often, quarter rack schemes have around two (sometimes three) database servers and three data storage servers. Each server has its own processor, memory, RPM disks, Ethernet ports and power supply. These systems lend themselves to scalability. That is, when the need arises, quarter rack systems can be migrated into half or full rack setups.

Colocation Basics

The core principle of colocation is that third-party providers can lease or rent out off-site networking facilities to their clients. These providers generally maintain server functionality and see to it that data center environment remains conducive for the optimum performance of the equipment within its walls. Colocation centers also provide physical security, power and cooling as part of their services. The term “colocation” means that the center provides a common area for the equipment of several independent companies.

Advantages of Colocation

Most of the time, small companies don’t have the vast IT resources that larger businesses can acquire. Quarter rack server colocation is particularly beneficial for these small businesses because it provides comparable functionality (with respect to dedicated, on-site servers) without necessitating extra manpower. Most quarter rack colocation facilities employ a crew of IT professionals who can manage and maintain your servers. Additionally, colocation centers can afford your quarter rack servers with greater bandwidth speeds and improved data redundancy. This leads to better overall network connectivity for your business.

Because security is a primary concern of companies, quarter rack co-locations are diligently guarded. Data, after all, is vital property to every business. Colocation centers are supported by reliable and expansive power and HVAC systems; ensuring that data transmission remains uninterrupted. Quarter rack facilities also incorporate regular data backup procedures that mitigate complete data loss. If the primary location fails, you can still retrieve your data and get right back on track.

Finally, since your quarter rack system is highly scalable, you can build on a pre-existing scheme when the need for expansion arises. This can lead to significant cost savings. Small and medium businesses don’t normally require large data systems; quarter rack servers already provide feasible and appropriate features that would suit their requirements.

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