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Rackspace Storage Features

Rackspace storage has attracted much attention especially from small and medium sized enterprises. Their cloud services have proved to be reliable for business continuity when it comes to data storage and recovery. Rackspace Cloud Drive Storage gives the ability to securely have distributed access to data, collaboration and disaster recovery as well. The fact that you can access your data at any place and any time has tremendous benefits.

Below are some of the features you get with Rackspace Cloud Drive Storage:

Cloud Drive installation is pretty straightforward and all you have to do is install the software onto your pc. You have options on what kind of drives you want with choices of shareable private or public drives. This is perhaps one the major features that has made Rackspace storage so popular since the drives are similar to those in your pc hence giving you an easier data backup process.

Data storage: This Rackspace storage works just like a dedicated server. It not only allows you to store your information but you can also share data in huge amounts.

Accessibility: Cloud storage has proved to be very beneficial when it comes to data access. Access to your data is convenient since you do not have to be stationed at a specific computer or in the office. You can easily move data in and out of your Rackspace storage which is great especially when you travel for business a lot. Accessibility is guaranteed via an interface that is safe all internet enabled gadgets such as computers or mobile gadgets.

Back-up: Backing up your data is seamless and you get to have large storage space as well. This means that you do not have to worry about having too much information. This is yet another feature that has attracted many enterprises to Rackspace storage. All data back-up is automatic and your input is therefore not needed.

Synchronization: Cloud Drive is flexible and provides synchronization of data from different departments and workstations.

Safety: When it comes to storage and sharing of files, everyone needs to know exactly how safe the storage platform is. Rackspace storage ensures that data is always stored and shared with utmost security. The use of encryption keys that are controlled by an administrator is employed at all times.

Customer Support: A company is only as good as the support it gives its clientele. Rackspace storage services come with a great support system that is available throughout regardless of the time or day.


Rackspace storage is customized to cater for different business needs with the ability to select files that need storage and the option to back up all information in the hard drive as well. The user interface is also simple to use which is handy especially for those who are not computer savvy.

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