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Consider these tips before you buy a domain name

At this age, a business without online presence is simply not in the game. One way of securing your web footprints is through the creation of a website. A website is a virtual store or office where people can find you, make orders and interact with you. While this can be achieved easily without breaking a sweat, it is the selection of the appropriate name that is the real icing to the cake.  Before you buy a domain name, there are a few issues that you need to put into consideration.

Appropriate name

Websites are a matter of names and the more popular some names are the more expensive the domain. You are most likely to find that the names that best describes your business are already taken or are outrageously expensive. It is hence important that you have a fall back plan and accept the names that you can relate with.

Website name

The worst mistake that can happen is when you have a website name that is different from the domain name. It is possible to come across a business name with a different website name due to one reason or another. The downside to this is that in the end you might lose out on crucial traffic as some of the customers will always be misdirected to another page probably to the competitor’s site. It pays indeed to have a domain name that is related to your business, as not all customers will memorize the name of your website.

Go for short domains

In today’s age of modernity most people are in search of information and may not be willing to memorize long domain names. As a rule, the maximum number of characters making up a domain is supposed to be 67. When it comes to length, the jury is still out there whether it is better to have a shorter or longer one. The basic argument is that the shorter it is the more memorable it is. A long domain name opens up the possibilities of mistakes when typing and also becomes hard to memorize. It is however increasingly expensive to buy a domain name that is shorter and the fewer that are there may not be relevant to your business. It is advisable to always go for a relevant domain name, especially the one that customers can relate with rather than taking a flashy short domain that will end up misleading them on what you really are offering.

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