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Private Domain Registration Pros and Cons

There are global companies that offer domain registration, which serve as the basis of any business’s online presence. Domain names are used as reference, they serve as a company’s online address, a means of identification.

Domain names are known as URL’s (Uniform Resource Locators) and are important in generating and keeping traffic flowing to your website. This eventually affects rankings on search engines. Domain registration is the first thing and a very important action to take when you want to launch a business online. The name should be unique and be of great quality. Your domain name eventually becomes part of your branding.

When registering your domain name there is a lot of personal information that you need to provide to the service provider. If you don’t register your domain privately, you could be opening yourself up to identity theft. A domain name is more than just a business card, if the information falls within the radar of a cyber-fiend or hacker, it could bring about problems that you would have to spend years recovering from. A private domain registration allows you to protect your private information from malicious people.

Domains are registered and information is submitted on the WHOIS database where they can virtually be accessed by anyone who has access to the database.

There are reasons why having using a private domain registration;

1. Your private details and information remain private

2. You are protected from online stalking

3. You have control over commercial emailing

4. Protects against offline harassment and unwanted telemarketing

To have your this security some domain registration companies charge a little bit more whilst others offer the service free of charge or work it into the pricing of the domain name they would be selling.

There is a flip-side to registering domains privately.

  • If someone infringes on your copyright and trademark by registering a domain name privately, it become hard for you to send a cease and desist order if you cannot get to the owner of the website using the name you’ve had trademark rights to.
  • Switching registrars can be a nightmare if you cannot access their contact details unless they are accredited with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
  • Google has this tendency of removing sites from their search engines when they decide they don’t look quite right. If they cannot trace you or find an address because you have a private domain registration and your registrar is not accredited with ICANN.

Those are just a few pros and cons, what domain registration is all about. There is a little bit more that you can only know by doing research.

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