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Useful tips on picking domain names

Nowadays, your customers will not only know the kind of products that you sell but they will associate the domain name with you. Just like your company name is the identity in the physical world, in the virtual world people will identify you with your domain name. It does hence pay to put much thought into the names you choose for they can make or break your very existence. Choosing domain names is not easy but the following tips will always come in handy.

Brainstorm first

Before you even approach the web domain company, it is always essential to think about your business and pick out the words that best describe your business and what it is that you actually do. You can pick a name that corresponds with your business name or acronym of your company name. You should at least have five suggestions but if they are all not available you should search for more.

Size matters

When it comes to domain names, short is the word of the game. Customer psychology warns against using long names in the justification that people may not be willing to commit long words to memory. Your customers want a name they can remember easily without a possibility of making mistakes. Although you have 67 characters at your disposal, try to utilize only seven of them unless you have a catchy name or acronym that is easy to remember.

Try Dot.Com

Most people still associate the internet with dot com. It is only the tech-savvy few who do not automatically assume that dot com is the only one available.  Assuming that the nature of your business does not give you the luxury of choosing the type of customers to sell to, you should always go for what is known. Research has shown that domains with Dot Com suffixes are more popular than the rest. If you are really concerned with traffic this is the way to go. However if you do not secure a dot com domain the rest can also do.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

Most of the e-commerce experts will tell you this for free; hyphens and numbers should be avoided at all costs. Unless your business name or products contain a number of a hyphen, this is one way of committing business suicide and driving traffic to your competitors. As aforesaid, internet users may not be keen on words and are often prone to mistypes and misspellings. If you include numbers and hyphens, unless you make a very good effort of marketing your domain names, most of your customers might never find you.

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