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Windows hosting Vs Linux hosting

There are only two primary systems that run everybody’s web hosting services nowadays – Windows and Linux. They are both at the forefront of this industry with the former being the forerunner. If you are operating a business in this modern era, which requires connectivity and web hosting, it is strongly advised that you choose either one for your specific need or purpose. But before giving your final say, make sure you understand these two systems first.

Why is Window hosting more expensive

Well, this does not come as a surprise. It is a fact that majority of all personal computer running in the world today are using Windows propriety software and applications. This being said, Windows system has become the more popular brand leaving Linux hosting behind its shadows. Because of such, Windows can freely dictate its market pricing as it is very easy to sell Windows hosting than the other. The payment will also serve as support for receiving a steady stream of updates that will further improve system performance.

Flexibility and Compatibility

It is also likely that introducing the idea of Linux to modern business operators becomes difficult since most of them are new to it or hardly have any idea as to what Linux system is. Because of Microsoft’s pioneering technology in software engineering, clients have long trusted its brand. They are able to use third-party apps developed by Microsoft itself it they are using Windows web hosting. It is inherently impossible to utilize Microsoft applications within Linux based systems. Similarly, it is perhaps more flexible to work in a Windows environment because some of the most popular technologies used in website development like ASP and .net will only work for Windows web hosting. Linux hosting, on the contrary, needs to use a more open source technology similar to Mysql and PHP.

The Steady Rise of Linux Hosting

Despite its lesser prominence, Linux system isn’t really that far behind at present. It has continued a healthy surge in user base for the past years. To add, more and more users claim that Linux hosting is the better web server. Obviously, it is capable of doing almost any function that Windows based servers can do. It does things with less software, which makes it simpler and lighter to use. This is practically good news, at least to the consumer’s point of view.

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