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cloud-hostingThe one thing that technology gurus across the world agree on is the fact that technology is changing at a very first speed. The other day, servers were huge rooms with a lot of hard disks and storage devices that have encrypted data and which could be easily stolen or destroyed. Within the blink of an eye, cloud computing brought on a solution to this storage problem that constantly follows those in the computing world. Currently, the phrase cloud servers has been coined to refer to a system in which server are outsourced to online platforms that are generally more secure and much cheaper to maintain or acquire. So the discussion has shifted from if cloud server can usurp the hitherto sealed of world of server to what improvements can be made to the cloud servers to make them more effective.

Here, we will look at some of the pros and cons of cloud servers and cloud computing in general. We must start this discussion by accepting the fact that cloud computing and in that regard, cloud server are more secure and cheaper. The online system cannot be physically destroyed and has a minimized risk of failure due to equipment failure. For companies, it represents reduction of cost and saves on the space that would have been taken by the server room. On the flip side, cloud computing is a relatively new field and much has not been discovered about it. This poses a risk of the unknown and the probability of short term success. So ideally, it is up to you to choose which trend to follow.

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