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Understanding the Basics of ASP Hosting

Before we begin this discussion it is important that we are all on the same page about what ASP hosting is. Ideally, ASP hosting refers to the active server pages, which are the scripting used in the generation of the active content for your web page. There are two main kinds of these server pages that are created: the static pages and the active content. The static content refers to such pages as the text, images or any objects, which are usually embedded in the page. This particular group of material usually remains the same every time that an individual accesses the website. The second group of materials are the active content that are more versatile and change in relation to the user and how they are contacting the page. In this group, there are such things as server requests, the date or the location of the ISP address as well as other more fluid factors that will alter with time. In most cases, the web pages combine both of these options in their design and page function.

While on this topic, let us also look at the difference between the asp and the asp.net. On one hand, the net framework was created specifically to act as a support network for more than one language and allow cohesive interaction of this design. On the other hand, the basic asp hosting combines this data such that it focuses more on the website building capacity and allow web based functions to interact directly with various applications on the computer.

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