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What are Shared Hosting and SQL Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that cater such service, by providing Server space for websites of different people and businesses that avail this type of service. There are different types of web hosting and some examples are shared hosting and SQL hosting.

 What is Web hosting?

A website is actually a file stored in a computer connected to the internet programmed to be accessed through a web browser. Every website in the internet uses a server in order for it to work. This is the basic principle of web hosting. One can have the services of web hosting by paying hosting fees which can cover the running and maintenance of your website. But some cannot afford the cost of web hosting; this is where shared hosting comes in.

What is Shared hosting?

Shared hosting is when a group of website owners share a single server for storing files needed to keep the website running 24/7. It is favored by entrepreneurs that are new to the online market and is just starting, mainly due to its relatively cheaper cost. One can really focus more in perfecting their online marketing strategies without worrying about mounting cost in web hosting services.

What is SQL hosting?

SQL Hosting is basically the same as any other type of web hosting with only one major difference, its speed. Most website do not require the power and speed provided by an SQL server, but some website especially complicated ones need the services of SQL hosting in order to run smoothly and effectively in the internet. But when small businesses which need SQL hosting services cannot afford the cost as well, they can also share the expense by availing the services of Shared SQL hosting services. This is another innovation that is being provided by companies that provide web hosting services.


The internet is a lucrative venue which anyone can take advantage of, given the time, effort, resources and equipment used. As the internet becomes more important to people, especially in the business world, one can really see the advantage of gearing up a company that will fit into online marketing strategies.

Web hosting is one of the mediums any online business must acquire in order to be successful in creating an online marketing success. That is why one must learn all the basics of setting up a website which will be the foremost venue of transactions in the internet.

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