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Green web hosting: When the internet goes green

As awareness to the growing environmental condition of our planet increase, ecologists and environmentalists are taking the advantage to make an impression worldwide. They constantly remind people in every means possible that the Earth is our home and it is our responsibility to take of it, many still ignore their words, but some have accepted it and is now starting to do something in order to minimize the strain burdened on the environment due to industrialism.

 This sentiment have significantly spread to many sectors in society and now has entered the internet world, the online community can now participate in this movement to save the Earth buy the use of Green web hosting.

So what is green web hosting?

Green web hosting is an internet hosting service which uses renewable energy to power and maintain it and promotes recycling procedures to limit the production of waste materials which can harm the environment.

How does green web hosting work?

Green web hosting companies uses many methods to sustain their advocacy to save the environment.  Some have started to reduce consumption of non-renewable energy and have shifted partially or totally to renewable energy sources such as solar energy, while others implement recycling and limit the use of paper in the company.  They also recommend their employees to have a personal conscious effort to save the environment; this involves maintaining an eco-friendly mentality even at home.

Benefits of green web hosting

The main benefit of green web hosting is its part in saving the environment, which in the long run will benefit to everyone. With their efforts, they can reduce oil consumption and pave the way for exploration of renewable sources of energy; they can limit pollution generated by industrialization and many more. This are the main advantages of green web hosting, it is that plain and simple.

Disadvantage of green web hosting

The main disadvantage of green web hosting is that it costs more to operate and costs more to maintain, which is why businesses that opted to be eco-friendly will be paying more for the services of green web hosts.


Saving the environment is not that cheap and easy to start; one must have a good solid conviction to maintain this type of advocacy. Not all will embrace this great responsibility but through the efforts of these few companies, one can make an environmental change that will benefit everyone.

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