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The Dedication of Dedicated servers

Servers are the power behind the internet, through these super computers; the internet is what it is today, a hub for billions of people, with countless number of transactions and information distribution in a massive scale. The basic venue for transactions in the internet is through the website, and the life of the website wholly depends on the power and efficiency of the servers which power it.

 Dedicated servers are a type of server which only “serves” a particular purpose, function or transaction. Most users of dedicated servers are large companies which have large internet transactions.  Using a dedicated server has its advantages and disadvantages; this will be tackled through this article.

Benefits of Dedicated servers

According to internet experts, these are the main benefits on using dedicated servers.

Increase in speed – A customer using a dedicated server does not share its resources with other users as in shared servers. As a result, all the power of the server is used solely by the customer and has an increased speed compared to other shared servers. In the internet, speed is the key for success, if you can cater transactions speedily and efficiently, you can be assured off that you are on your way to online success.

Increase in storage capacity – Another advantage of using dedicated servers is that the customer can utilize all virtual space of the server. With Shared servers, not only speed is shared but also its storage capacity, which can considerably limit one’s ability to do extensive improvement to one’s website. With dedicated servers one can have full control on the storage capacity of your server; this will also minimize the chance of your website to crash.

Security enhancement – Dedicated servers are used by organizations which required confidentiality in some information accessed through the internet. With the use of a dedicated server to serve confidential transactions, one can really improve the security of your files and lessen the risk of infiltration and hacking.

Complete server control – this is the foremost advantage of using a dedicated server, you are in charge of everything pertaining to the running of your own server. This will really give you a free hand to manipulate, improve and enhance your creativity.

The disadvantage of dedicated servers

The only disadvantage of using a dedicated server is its cost. Unlike shared servers where users can “share” the cost of running server usage, with dedicated server the customer alone Is responsible for the cost of operation and maintenance of the server. That is why one must first see if your needs require a dedicated server.

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