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Google Drive on Cloud Nine

It is no secret to say that the demand for information is increasing phenomenally and the need for Data Storage Solutions and the ability to work on projects remotely increases in line with that demand.  Of course, cloud technology has been available for some time now, but the much anticipated Data Storage Solutions from Google has finally materialized with the appearance of Google Drive.  There is something about Data Storage Solutions from a major player like Google that puts the user at ease and, certainly, with all of the very useful features that Google Drive offers its users, it is surely a very welcome addition to the burgeoning cloud market.

 What Can You Do With It?

Indeed, what is the point of having something if you can’t do anything with it?  Well, you will find that Google Drive offers far more than Data Storage Solutions.  Of course, there is safe data storage available, but Google Drive is far more flexible and provides the user with a whole host of extremely useful functions that enables them to collaborate and create and also access their data from absolutely anywhere.  That means that Google Drive users will have access anytime of the day and, regardless of whether they are in the office or can’t sleep at home at two in the morning, they will be able to search their files, create new ones, upload pictures and much, much more.  What is more, with Google Drive Data Storage Solutions, the same level of access is available wherever you can connect to the internet by wifi or mobile signal – so it’s even possible to work in collaboration on a project even if your train is running late and you won’t be in the office for another hour.

What Do You Get?

Well, although people generally say that you only get what you pay for, there is actually 5GB of free space up for grabs with Google Drive Data Storage Solutions.  That may well be enough for a modest private individual’s use, but if you are generating a vast amount of data, there are upgrades available at a small monthly cost.  Obviously there are Data Storage Solutions on Google Drive to suit many different needs.

What Else Can It Do?

I mentioned earlier that Google Drive was very flexible and, to prove the point, Google Docs is incorporated in Google Drive.  Users will also be able to use photos stored on Google Drive to attach to posts in Google+ and it won’t be long before the same can be done with emails in Gmail.  So you can see that Google Drive offers far more than Data Storage Solutions and with input from third party developers, the future should provide the opportunity to create websites, video editing and even sending faxes from Google Drive.

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