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The website advertising methods used by small businesses

The Internet has become the new target of advertising and now exceeds the cinema spend.  Major brands jostling for eyes on the web allows them to reach those who watch little very little TV.  The pop-up ad is a very annoying form of advertising that invades our screen while navigating on the Internet.  This format is designed for promotional operations and generates a high CTR.  This technique however, should be used sparingly.  It is well accepted by users on some sites if it contains good deals but, seems to upset a great many people.

Many portals are now offering their members pop up filters, causing anger in advertising circles, but they can‘t stop them happening.  In response, advertisers have invented the “e-stickers’, a kind of pop-up able to pass most filters. They appear slightly transparent on our screen which gives them a look more popular with surfers and therefore generates more clicks.

Keywords bought at auction are also an effective way of website advertising.  Commercial sites (hotels, tour operators, etc) buy keywords at auction, which ensures that they automatically appear in the results list whenever a user types his keywords to do his research.  This is known as PPC website advertising.  You are ten times more likely to attract a visitor to your site with a banner ad, but they can be inexpensive if done correctly, so this form of advertising is best suited for smaller advertisers.  These sites buy keywords that suit the website they are advertising. The result is immediate.

Cyber teasing appears as an advertising format similar to the pop-up.  It is to send messages in several steps to create suspense.

Creating an event website is an advertising format used to launch new products.  Renault has used this technique to launch in 2003, promoting the new “Scenic”, and attracted over a million people on its website.

The advertising strategy that is the least expensive but most effective is highly targeted e-mailings.  In 2003, the brand Libra Tena sent a message advertising a brand of diapers for the elderly incontinent to more than 600,000 women over the age of 45 years.  More than 10,000 contacted for a free sample and enrolled in the program.  The cost is five times cheaper than traditional TV advertising campaigns.  If e-mailing is such a huge success it is largely due to its extremely low price.

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