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Shared hosting solutions and its importance

shared hosting solutionsEvery website running has a host and a host is someone that provides websites a base or platform for them to run on.  Shared hosting solutions are a common feature around the world and are relatively cheaper as the costs are shared by a number of website owners. Shared hosting solutions consist of a single server that runs many websites wherein each of them has their very own unique domain name.

There are many small companies and individuals who have websites of their own and they don’t intend to use a lot of funds to host just their website on a single dedicated server. In case of shared hosting solutions the service provider is responsible for managing the servers, installing anti-virus as well as any form of software that is needed. Shared hosting solutions either run on the Linux OS or Windows OS as they are the most popular Operating systems around the world.

The working of shared hosting solutions

Shared hosting solutions can be accomplished by two methods; namely the IP based hosting and name based hosting. When it comes to name based hosting a single IP is used for different websites having different names. IP based hosting is a better choice as this way each website has its very own IP address and they are capable of using SSL certificates if they opt to, thereby increasing the overall security of their site.  Most of the name based shared hosting solutions are turning towards IP based hosting as it’s more secure and reliable.

Benefits of shared hosting solutions

Shared hosting solutions have plenty of benefits especially for small businesses and individuals. Some of the many benefits of shared hosting solutions are listed below:

Affordable rates–The prices of shared hosting are really low and are economically reasonable for both companies as well as individuals just starting out. The rates keep falling as the competition builds up and this works to the advantage of website owners.

Easy to maintain and manage – On shared hosting plans you don’t need to be a IT master as they are really simple to manage and control. They come along with loads of tools that will help you manage your website and add new features to it with ease and in no time at all.

Feature packed – Shared hosting solutions are well known for their amazing features and there are tons of new and improved features being added to them day after day due to the high competition amongst service providers. Some of the prominent features include multiple email addresses, you are allowed to register for multiple domains and you could even get a whole database at your disposal.

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