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Web hosting plans

Many web hosting companies have free hosting plans available along with their paid plans. Sometimes, a free plan is all you need, but there are reasons why a paid plan is generally better than a free one. 

The primary and some would say the only benefit to a free web hosting plan is that you can get your website hosted at no cost to you. However, these plans tend to be very basic and offer little in the way of features that most people who run websites normally use.

Additionally, since the webhosting company has no investment in you as a customer, it has no reason to provide you with the best service and to address your problems in a timely manner. Paid customers will always be placed first on the list over free customers. While this sucks for you if you’re on a freeplan, it only makes business sense for the company.  It can’t afford to do otherwise if it wants to stay in business.

Free webhosting accounts also have limits. There may be bandwidth limits, web space limits, and you may not be able to upload certain types of files. Paid webhosting customers have no such limits placed upon them. If your website is related to your business, then you definitely do not want to have these types of limits since it could cost you customers, and therefore money in the long-run.

In addition, paid customers also have fully functional website controls; that is the c-panel associated with their sites. C-panel stands for control panel, and it is from here that you manage everything related to your site, from the email accounts associated with your domain, to the files that make up your site. Since the c-panel is the “brain” of your website, it is essential that it have all of the important features that you need. Most free webhosting customers get a very limited c-panel that only lets them do basic tasks.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, paid customers receive better security for their websites than do free customers.  Again, if you’re running a business through your website, you need to make certain that your data is protected. Many people will not buy anything online if they are asked to give payment information over an unsecured server. If someone gets his or her identity stolen because he or she made a purchase on your website, you could be liable for the damages associated with the theft.

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