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All about Windows Servers

Microsoft first released an operating system in 1985 which was the MS-DOS. Since then we have received a variety of windows servers with the company dominating the operating systems market share.

Below is a breakdown of the different windows servers that have been used this century:

Windows 2000: Support for this server has since ended. However, this version of windows servers was released in the year 2000 as a successor the previous system which was Windows NT 4.0. There were other additions released to the 2000 version and these included, Advanced Server, Datacenter Server amongst others. During its reign, it was the safest version of Windows ever created.

Windows XP Server: This version came only a year after its successor with the XP standing for experience. Windows XP was therefore set to provide a better experience for its users with its graphical interface. Usage of the server was extended to 2014.

Windows 2003 Server: This version of windows servers was released in April, 2003 as an advanced version of the XP server. The version delivered a more advanced performance to its users and was mainly aimed for small and medium sized enterprises. Windows 2003 came with new improvements in command tools and scripting which was Microsoft’s way of bringing a shell of commands to its successor.

Windows Server 2008: This version was released five years later in February 2008 and just like Vista and Windows 7, its production basis was on Windows NT 6.x. Another release of Windows Server 2008 was manufactured and named Windows Server 2008 R2. There are several windows servers available in the 2008 edition and these are Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter amongst others.

Windows Server 2012: Flash forward to present day and we now have a new addition to the windows servers operating systems. This is the Windows Server 2012 released to customers worldwide only a month ago in September. Windows Server 2012 is the Windows Server 2008 R2 successor. It’s the only version of windows servers since we had Windows NT 4.0 that does not support computers that are based on Itanium.

Windows 2012 Features

The latest of windows servers has more upgraded features such as a new server interface which allows users to have a variety of groups. This is going to be useful especially for businesses that do not have monitoring systems in place. Another distinction in this server is that unlike the other windows servers that came with an enterprise edition, it does not have one. Its standard and datacenter editions will depend on how you run your machines. That is whether you want unlimited virtual guest machines or under two guest machines.

Windows servers have come a long way and time will only tell what new and advanced features Microsoft is going to come up with in future. For now, we enjoy Windows 2012.

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