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Cheap hosting

All about cheap web hosting for personal website or small business. Get news, reviews and guides about which badget hosting is right for you: shared hosting, co-location hosting, dedicated hosting, vps or dedicated servers

Web Hosting

cheap hosting

Creating a website from scratch is really difficult and time consuming unless you have a really efficient and dedicated team working by your side. However, is creating the content all there is to it? No! If you want your website to be visible to the world – you are going …

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Windows hosting

windows hosting

Windows hosting has plenty of advantages and it’s also one of the most popular hosting platforms. Windows is by far the most popular operating system when it comes to Laptops and PC’s and it’s also great for hosting your business website. Windows hosting is great because it ensures compatibility amongst …

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The Benefits of Cheap Hosting


Every website needs to have a physical location or server to store the data that is present on their website. The companies that offer this service are called vendors or hosts. Because the host your site for you. There are many companies offering this service at different rates. You just …

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Shared Web hosting: A cheaper way to success

The internet is world’s most used method of communication today and many are relying heavily on its services to provide a means for information exchange and for financial profit. That is why many businesses are starting their venture into the cyber world in order to have a chance to take …

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What are Shared Hosting and SQL Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that cater such service, by providing Server space for websites of different people and businesses that avail this type of service. There are different types of web hosting and some examples are shared hosting and SQL hosting.  What is Web hosting? A …

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What is web hosting?

web hosting

The internet is a vast interconnected world of information shared by countless number of computers; it is a web of connections that covers the whole world. The website is the basic component in the internet in that no business can become successful in the cyberworld without it. Each website is …

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E-Commerce hosting

hosting ecommerce

When it comes to setting up a business you need to find a reliable E-commerce hosting provider. E-commerce is used to sell ones products on the internet.  This will include a Web server which holds the companies web pages, design, and features to process and confirm the sale.  When opting …

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Cheap Hosting

shared hosting solutions

If you are just starting out with creating your website, blog or as a simple hobby, cheap hosting is what you should be looking for Cheap hosting is usually based on a shared server, this will keep costs low while still be effective. Keep in mind that there are many …

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What is Joomla Hosting?

Joomla is a content management system that has garnered the respect of many in the internet world because of its CMS software that gives you the ability to keep track of your website content, whether it is text, documents, audio and video content and such. It’s easy to use interface …

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