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Cheap hosting

All about cheap web hosting for personal website or small business. Get news, reviews and guides about which badget hosting is right for you: shared hosting, co-location hosting, dedicated hosting, vps or dedicated servers

Finding the Right Site Maker and Hosting

The first things you have to think about when planning a website is web hosting and site  makers.  The first and most important thing is building a website, using site makers will ensure a Professional and unique website. Site makers help you create a website with creative content allowing you …

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Compare Hosting

Before going into detail on how to compare on web hosting you must first understand what web hosting is. This service is what you call and internet hosting service which allows companies or individual people to create their own website. These are usually owned or leased by the client. Web …

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Shared hosting solutions

Sometimes, venturing into online marketing is not that easy, making the change into the virtual world needs careful thoughts and countless hours of planning before you start your venture. There are many problems which can trouble a new timer in internet marketing, which if nor properly solved, can definitely cause …

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Colocation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The internet is attracting many businesses, big and small into investing into online marketing strategies in order to exploit the immense potential of the internet. It is an undeniable fact that they are money in the internet and we are seeing these businesses starting to tap its resources for the …

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Get the Scoop on Cheap Hosting

The Internet has introduced us to a lot of new terms and phrases, some of which might have other meanings we may be familiar with. Webs used to come with spiders. Hosting used to mean the thing you did when you had a bunch of people over to watch the …

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Shared hosting solutions and its importance

Every website running has a host and a host is someone that provides websites a base or platform for them to run on.  Shared hosting solutions are a common feature around the world and are relatively cheaper as the costs are shared by a number of website owners. Shared hosting …

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