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Domain names

Where to buy a domain names? Hosts.co.uk will inform you about the world of domains registration. Guide and reviews about how to chose a domain names and buy it for cheap. Find you cheap domain names and register bulk domains

Selling Domain Names

Selling domain names is a way that many people are making money today.  A significant investment opportunity is available to individuals that want to sell domain names.  As the internet has continued to rapidly grow over the past years there has grown an increased demand for desirable domain names.  There …

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Facebook Domain

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites – that is if it does not hold the #1 spot. It has millions of registered users and each day, it gets millions of unique page views as well. Therefore, it is not only one of the largest social networking sites …

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Cheapest Domain Names

Before you launch a website you’re going to need two things – a host and a domain name. Finding the cheapest domain names is one way to go about it, but you should also make sure that you’re choosing the right domain name with the right extension, because the amount …

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Why is it Necessary to Buy Domain Names?

The internet is fast becoming the number one place to go to for information, shopping, education and much more. Businesses that have websites rely heavily on the internet as one of their most valued business tools. They use the internet for marketing, exposure, communication and various other transactions. It is …

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How Can co UK Domains Benefit Me?

If you are doing business in the UK and need a site that can trade in GBP, co.uk and other similar UK domains can help you trade in GBP and give you an Internet presence in Great Britain, just as the .com domain gives Internet presence in the United States.  …

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Domain names registration

In order to take advantage of the internet to create success for yourself and reach the wide Internet, you need understand domain names registration. It is an important part of getting your own space on the internet, and resembles a real-estate spot on the web. In order to do this …

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New gTLDs Domain names in for 2013

For years, we are fully acquainted of the .coms and the .orgs in the internet. This has very much shaped what the internet looks like, but come 2013 this will all change. We will now be seeing websites with very unique top level domain names such as .london, .paris or …

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