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Domain names

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Domains names: The virtual real estate

We ask “what is a domain?” and the answer is a simplified solution to a complex system that needs a good introduction in order to arrive to a definite and complete answer. We begin by having a brief review of the internet and its systems. The internet is basically a …

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Understanding domains

The internet is filled with .com, .net, .org and many more, but what is it and what is its purpose? In this article we will see and hopefully understand the use of those suffixes, and how it is important to our technologically advance world. What is a domain? The suffixes …

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What is a Domain name?

The Domain name is unique to every internet server, just like phone numbers .Without domain names there would have been a lot of confusion concerning the internet world, and trying to locate a website would have been near to impossible How the Domain name is recognized So every domain has …

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How .EU Domains Are Beneficial

Open yourself wide open to the European market by taking on a European domain.  You might be wondering why you would even want .EU domain names. There are many different reasons and circumstances that make a .EU domain important and valuable. Anyone who is running an online business should consider using …

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Secure Your XXX Domain before It’s Too Late

In June, 2011, websites were authorized by the international agency regulating internet domain names to begin using the XXX suffix to identify sites as adult entertainment oriented. This is convenient both for the site owners and for users because it eliminates any confusion that may have been present prior to …

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